Walking Wildegg to Aarau - May Wildegg schloss in sunshine.

The forecast for Sunday was dry and brightening up in the afternoon, so Jules and I headed over to Aarau to meet up with Diana and Luis for a gentle walk along the Aare.

Unfortunately the forecast didn't quite come to pass. It was raining as we left home (umbrella in hand) to catch the train. That wasn't the last of the rain for the morning - there were another couple of heavy showers and the sun didn't really come out until after lunch.

However, we made the most of the conditions and started off in the wrong direction with a brief detour up to the Schloss Wildegg. We didn't go in to see the falcon show, but we did spend a few minutes admiring the birds. We then headed back down to the Aare, which we then followed all the way back to Aarau. The river was very full with the recent rains and the flow over the weirs was quite impressive. It's a very pretty and quiet walk along the riverbank and there were plenty of people out and enjoying the day.

We stopped for a short lunch break in the sun at the Kraftwerk at Brachmatt where the sun finally came out for the afternoon. We saw some very young cygnets near Rüchlig, with quite a few admirers looking on.

It was a lovely walk despite the occasional rain showers. Overall it was 17km with 200m a/d and took us 3 hrs 30 plus the break for lunch.

Walking Meilen to Stadelhofen - May alt text

With a blustery, showery day forecast but keen to get out for a stretch of the legs I took the train from town down to Meilen to walk over the Pfännensteil and back to town via Forch.

It was dry when I arrived at Meilen and I set off up the hill taking the path by the stream as it winds up the hill. The visibility was better than I expected from the forecast - the Rigi and Pilatus both (just about) visible on the way up.

It was very quiet, with only a few dog walkers out. I was lucky enough to see a deer in the wood just below the Pfännensteil as well as a robin, a buzzard being mobbed by crows, and as lots of finches and tits.

The weather stayed dry until past Hochwacht, but then I caught the first of two storms halfway to Forch. Undeterred, I headed on only to be caught in a second, heavier rainstorm as I passed the golf course. I dried out gradually over the rest of the walk, fortunately with a few sunny spells to help me keep warm as I dropped down along the Pfadiweg back into town.

Overall it was 22km with 550m ascent / descent and took 4 hrs 15. I like this route which is always a good stretch of the legs despite the prevailing conditions on the day.

Walking Sihltal - May Green meadows with yellow flowers under blue skies.

With a glorious day forecast Juliane & I headed to Sihltal to do walk #45 from the favourite book Rund um den Zurichsee - "Über den Hirzel nach Sihlsprung"

We parked at the old Sihlbrugg railway station and headed on up the hill in bright sunshine. The route climbs steadily at first up through trees and then out into open ground on the way to Hirzel. The views were absolutely spectacular, with the mountains very clear from Saentis to Pilatus and well beyond.

We paused briefly to admire some Moss Phlox and to buy some Swiss priced soap at Naturduftseifen, before heading on to Hirzel. We stopped at Restaurant Spreuermühli where we stopped for a quick drink - very happy that they're able to open again and to support them. The route then continues on down to the Sihl near Sihlsprung before heading down river to Sihlbrugg. The last stretch along the side of the Sihl was particularly pretty, with dandelions and meadow buttercup in full bloom.

Overall it was 17.4km with 470m ascent/descent and took us 3 hrs 30 (not including the stops and breaks). The gpx plot of our route is here.

Walking Döttingen - April View over wildfowl lake, moorhens in the foreground.

With a lovely day forecast and keen to get out for a walk, we headed over to Döttingen in the north of Aargau to try walk #32 from the book Rother Wanderführer Aargau with Diana & Luis.

It was beautiful sunshine when we arrived, and we headed off along the side of the wildlife sanctuary for birds at Klingnauer Stausee. Being late spring there weren't any migratory birds, but we did see a few swans and other waterfowl. We followed the route along the side of the sanctuary and all the way up to the Rhine, past the large hydropower station where we stopped for a quick break. before heading up to the Rhine, and crossing the Aare.

The route back down the other side of the Aare was closed, so we took the signed detour past Koblenz station before re-joining the Aare near the hydroplant. We left the Aare at Klingnau and after passing through the pretty town centre we climbed up into the woods and past Acheberg. From there it we dropped down in to the Rheintal to complete the walk in Bad Zurzach. We were just in time for a train back to Döttingen where we found an open beer garden (hurrah!) for a refreshment and a rather good pizza to finish off the day.

In total it was 16 km with 280 of height gained/lost and took us 3 hrs 20 (not including the breaks and lunch). It's an easy T1 and the gpx plot of our route is here.

Walking Küssnacht to Lucerne - March Green fields under bright sunshine with snow-capped Pilatus in the background.

With a stunning spring day forecast and keen to do a decent walk Jules and I headed to Küssnacht am Albis to meet up with Diana and Luis. Being still early in the year all the high paths were still snow covered so instead we opted for a walk that we've done before - a route that broadly follows the lakeshore to Lucerne.

As usual this walk didn't disappoint - the views were spectacular in the bright and sunny spring day, with the snow-capped mountains visible far into the distance. Being fairly early in the year it wasn't too hot and overall it was perfect conditions for a good walk.

We made steady progress, stopping occasionally for photos of the Rigi and Pilatus. We ate our lunch overlooking the lake near Magdalenekirche, and stopped again a coffee and cake near the Lucerne Lido.

Overall it was 17.4km with 380m ascent/descent and took us 3 hours 40 (not including the breaks). The gpx plot of our route is here.

Skiing Flims - March (part 2) alt text

Keen to head out, and hoping for better weather than forecast, Alex, Christian and I headed down to Flims for a day of skiing. The snow conditions were forecast as excellent - lots of snow recently and quite cold to keep it in good condition.

Unfortunately it was quite windy when we arrived, and the whole top of the mountain was closed. We headed around a bit trying to find the best conditions and did a run down skiroute #83, but found it a bit windblown. However we did see some people heading over to the far skiers-left so we followed them, and ended up doing some off-piste gladed runs, which were great fun albeit quite technical. The runs end up in a very narrow single-track run down by the stream which runs to Plaun and was a bit tasty on powder skis. We did this run a few times, taking slightly different routes each time.

We also found some quite good conditions off to the skiers-right of route #66 which heads down from Crap Sion Gion to Plaun. This area and the off-piste kind of made up for the disappointment of the rest of the mountain being closed.

Overall we made the best of the conditions on the day, and ended up with a perfectly respectable 44.4km with 7,600m of descent over 12 runs.

Skiing Flims - March In mask and ski gear in front of the Vorab glacier.

With the weather forecast less than perfect, but keen to get out at least once in the season, Alexander and I headed down to Flims to try a day of skiing despite lockdown.

The resort seemed to be handling Covid measures pretty well. We did have to buy a ticket in advance, but that wasn't a particular hassle. It was definitely quieter than usual, with almost no queues for the lifts, and we only shared one lift all day.

The visibility was a bit mixed as we headed up, and was quite bad at the top of Crap Sogn Gion, so we headed down and did a run all the way to Falera for a bit of a warm up. From there we decided to try out the glacier and were pleasantly surprised when the visibility was much better at the top of the mountain. We did a couple of runs down the glacier in awesome conditions - lovely snow and even a bit of fresh powder off to the side. We then headed down to Plaun for lunch - a surprisingly good take-away ciabatta from the bar, and sat in the snow while the sun came out.

After lunch we did the black run #26 down from La Siala (which was in great condition) and skiroute #83 from the top of the Crap Sogn Gion (which was also in great condition). We finished with a long run down from La Siala via Grauberg and Startgels to finish off a really great day.

Overall we managed a pretty respectable 54.8km, with 9,200m descent over 15 runs, to finish tired but happy to have made the effort to get out.

Snowshoeing Elm - February alt text

With great weather forecast and keen to get to the mountains, Jules and I headed to Elm in Glarus Süd to try snowshoeing route 990 from www.schweizmobile.ch - the Obererbs trail.

It was a pretty easy drive from town - now as busy as we feared. We parked at the unfortunately closed restaurant Panixerstübli and started up the hill. The route climbs steadily (ouch) up through woodlands and then into an open valley with spectacular views of the Vorab, Hausstock, and Mättlenstock.

From there the route continues to climb (more ouch) up to the Skuhütte Erbs, which was well frequented in the sun. We stopped for a Most to support the hut and sat in the snow with our sandwiches. Suitably refreshed we continued down through the woodlands to loop back to the car.

It's a lovely little route, with spectacular views right in the heart of the Alps. It's a bit punchy at the start, and the trick is probably to take one's time on the ascent. In good weather it's a spectacular and lovely day out. Overall the 4.6km with 400m ascent/descent took us 1 hr 30 (maybe that's why it hurt), and it's a T2. The gpx plot of our route is here.

Walking Turgi - February Ivy covered tree in front of the Limmat river, blue skies and moon visible.

With a promising winter's day forecast we met up with Diana & Luis to do a walk around Turgi, kindly organised by Diana.

There was quite thick fog when we arrived, so we decided to walk along the river, and save the ascent of the hill to later in the day in the hope of better views. We crossed over the Limmat and then headed downstream following the east bank, past the merging with the Aare.

The sun had burned through the fog by the time we stopped for lunch near the PSI institute, and we took a short break there before crossing over the Aare and heading back upstream on the west bank. The experiment with enjoying a cigar whilst walking was only partially a success - the girls setting a pace that made for slight difficulty keeping the cigars alight whilst walking and talking, but it made for a nice change. We continued in bright sunshine and lovely weather back to Vogelsang where we stopped for a lovely slice of Diana's rhubarb cake and a kaffee fertig.

From there it was just a short walk back to Turgi, with no-one particularly inclined to walk up the extra hill for the views!

Overall it was a very pleasant and relaxed 15.3km with 180m of ascent/descent and an easy T1. The gpx plot of our route is here.

Snowshoeing Biberegg - February Snowshoe path through trees with ridge line in mid-distance.

It wasn't the best day to go snowshoeing - the originally anticipated sunshine giving way to grey cloud, but keen to get out I headed over to Biberegg to try route-0815 from www.schweizmobile.ch.

I parked at the small ski lift in Biberegg and headed up the hill following the typically well signposted path. The route climbs steadily through farmland and then into woods, where I joined the route that we have done previously. At the top of the climb I was treated to spectacular views over the Rigi, alps and Vierwaldstaettersee, which we hadn't seen teh last time.

I had lunch admiring the view and watching the skiers (the resorts seemed to be well frequented), before continuing and dropping down to Herrenboden. From there decided to do the extra loop around Mostelberg since I was making good time. I took a slightly different path (which was a bit off-piste), and was quite grateful to come out eventually right by the top of a drag lift before heading over the skybridge and back on down to Biberegg.

Overall the day was 13.6km and 800m of ascent/descent which took me 3 hrs 25 minutes moving time - so a fairly good day snowshoeing. It's a T2 (I reckon) and the gpx plot of my route is here.

WalkingBubikonFeb Small lake with badi, slightly overflowing. Grey skies, bare trees.

With a bit of a dull day forecast, but keen to get out of the flat and stretch our legs, Jules and I headed off to do a variation on walk #12 from our favourite book Rund um den Zuerichsee.

It had been forecast to be dry for a few hours, but that only lasted for the first stretch, and it was raining pretty steadily by about a third of the way. We decided to cut the route short and to head back - neither of us particularly inclined to get soaking wet.

We did manage to see some Storks at the Luetzelsee - to our slight surprise, and the route was perfectly pleasant winding through small woods and farms in fairly rural ZH.

Overall it was 13.8km and 220m of ascent/descent and took us 2 hrs 35 with only one stop in a forest hut to have a cup of tea and some of Ernst's cake (which was very nice). The gpx plot of our route is here.

Walking Baden - January Baden city scape under low grey clouds

With a pretty uninspiring day forecast, but keen to get out and be a little bit sociable, Jules and I headed over to Baden to meet up with Diana, Luis, and Imke to do a short walk around the city.

The weather was as bad as forecast - light drizzle earlier in the day but brightening up a bit later. We headed off to do the city walk that we had previously done back in 2017, but reckoned from the outset that we might only do the first half.

The views over the city were fine, and the route is still good, but the weather made it a bit less enjoyable than it could have been. We arrived back in Baden after a bit over 5km, and decided to head down to the river front for a cup of tea and biscuits, rather than do the second half of the walk.

It was nice to get out for a bit, and to meet up with some friends after having spent most of January in lock-down, even if the weather wasn't brilliant.

Overall it was a pretty short walk - 5.6km with 270m ascent/descent which took us 1hr 25 minutes (plus a lot more time chatting). It's an easy T1 and the gpx plot of our route is here.

Snowshoeing Brunni - January The Grosser and Kleiner Mythens under a blue sky, covered in snow.

With a beautiful day forecast in the mountains, and keen to get out and enjoy it after a few days of grey in Zurich, I headed over to Brunni Alpthal to go snowshoeing.

I chose the longer route, as I wasn't in much of a hurry and conditions were lovely. The route was slightly longer than I had planned (owing to a slight navigational error [cough]), but it was all alright in the end.

I made good time up to the Furgellenstock hut. It was closed this time, but I ate my lunch in the sun on the benches outside. Refreshed, I continued on up to the top of Furgellenstock, which was quite well frequented with people enjoying the stunning views across the Alps.

From the peak, I continued around to top of the cablecar at Holzegg (inadvertently going via the skihaus Holzegg at the very top, and nearly heading down the toboggan run), but I made it safely around and then it was a easy descent down to the valley.

It was a lovely day out, with spectacular views in great weather. The forecast temperature was quite cold (-10 °C) but it felt warm in the sun, and I spent most of the day in the tried & tested shirt + baselayer combo. The route was 10.1km, with 750m ascent/descent and took me 2hrs 35 plus the stops for lunch and photos. The gpx plot of my route is here.