Cycling Greifensee & Pfannensteil - February View over the Zurisee, with the alps in the background. Slightly cloudy day

For the first ride of 2021 I headed out to do a loop of the Greifensee, and then feeling quite good in the legs I continued up the Pfannensteil before looping back to town.

It was a bit of a shakedown ride for my Fratello, having replaced the chain during the winter. Unfortunately the gears were still jumping a bit, so I think that some more work will be needed to get the bike back into proper shape (next to replace the small cog at the front, I think). Overall though, it was a nice ride, even though it was slightly more overcast that originally forecast.

The route was as good as ever - the cycle paths along the Greifensee are always very pleasant and the slightly longer ascent of the Pfannensteil which I prefer had been improved by the extension of the cycle path all the way up to the Col, which was a very pleasant surprise.

I was lucky enough to see a young stoat playing in the grass just below the top of the hill - identified by the black tip to it's tail, but still mostly in its white winter coat. I stopped briefly to enjoy the views from Saentis to Pilatus before looping back to town.

It's always a good route, and this was no exception. This variation was 53.5km with 530m of climbing and took me 2hrs 20 pedalling.