Walking Forch - Meilen January Trees blown down across a path, alongside a stream

With the girls off at a horse show, my father and I headed over to Forch to walk down to Meilen for a bit of a stretch of the legs, and also to see the local woods.

We set off at a fairly gentle pace, taking the time to look at the local workings in the woods. We guessed that there had been a fairly major campaign going on to bring down larger trees for high grade timber, but that the recent storms had  resulted in a lot more trees down that then needed tending to. We stopped at  the Pfannelsteil restaurant for a soup and Alper Macaroni (quite a full on meal!) before heading down via the stream to Meilen. We were both surprised by the amount of devastation on the last section - whole sections of the path had trees down and the clean up work was clearly going to take some time.

Overall the 6.7 miles with 800 ft ascent / 1700 ft descent took us 2 hours 25, not including lunch. The GPX plot for our route is here.

Snowshoeing Brunni - January View over the Grosser and Kleine Mythen with cloud filled valleys in background

With an excellent day forecast., and keen to get out and be sociable, Jules &. I headed to meet up with Diana & Luis, plus Carlos and family for a day snowshoeing.

After getting the boys kitted out with skis and the usual equipment faff we headed on up to Furggelenstock at a leisurely pace. The views were spectacular - the Grosse & Kleine Mythen we’re framed in sunshine and the Rigi and further peaks were visible, with the valleys shrouded in mist.

The route up was slightly disrupted by the recent storms - we had to detour around some fallen trees, but otherwise the ascent was fairly easy on well packed snow.

We made very gentle progress (often distracted by the views), and arrived at the Furggelenstock hut at about 2:30, in time for a late soup lunch. From there we headed back down the way we’d come.

Overall the 3 miles took us 2 hours (not including breaks and lunch), with an ascent/descent of 1,500ft in total. The GPX plot of our route is here.

Skiing Flims - January Ski piste with cloud in the valley

Keen to get in a good start to the season, Jules and I headed to Flims to make the most of the good, early, snow.

I started off with a good blast on Stretch, which was empty as usual first thing, but a bit refrozen in places. From there I headed over to Sogn Martin to try to get to Vorab, which unfortunately was closed owing to wind, so instead did couple of loops of Scansinas on run #16 (which was excellent), before dropping down via Grauberg and run #10  via Startgels to meet Jules for lunch in Flims.

We declined the queue at the burger van at Flims - moving at Swiss speeds - and instead had lunch at The Cock Inn, an acceptable wurst and pretty mediocre burger. Next time we resolved just to go to the bakery in town which looks good and well frequented.

After lunch I headed up to towards the glacier, with an extra run down the Tres Palais, and the worlds slowest bubble up from Fuorcola. Unfortunately the drag lifts up the glacier were shut because of the wind and the conditions were pretty bad with strong winds blowing ice into your face. I headed back via other side of the slow bubble then did a loop round Plaun/Crap Sogn Gion, Plaun, Scanscinas and Startgels to finish the day. The light was getting a bit flat by the end, which made run #14 a bit tasty.