Brief notes on some of the resorts I've skied, along with fun routes, and good places to eat and drink.



For easy access to the Lenzerheide ski area; Park at Churwalden, take Panoramabahn up, and then ski along the side of the valley for the day, returning on skis via routes 78a & 79.


"Stretch" a good run to warm up on - some fun to be had in the trees off to each side. Accessible from the top of Nagens, then keep left as you head down.

The runs off the front face of Mutta Rodunda are good fun - ski route #73, and black #16. Easily accessible in one lift up from Scansinas.

In the right conditions (good powder, not tracked out) there is good off-piste crusing to be had to the skiers left of the Vorab lift. Come out the lift and turn left, then head right after a couple of hundred yards. Stay close-ish to the lift to make it back to Fuorcla (although the lift is very slow back up)

Excellent food, good wine and a great steak at La Vacca, Station Plaum. Worth booking, seating at 12 o'clock or 1:30pm.


Great resort in good snow. One cable car up the mountain, and from there you can do loops of the top and middle sections.


Quite a faff to get up the slopes - a slow funicular and then a long gondola to get to the mid station. Then two more (slow) Gondolas to get to the top, or two chairs to get to the other side. Top section closed in strong winds, leaving much less of the mountain to ski. Good off piste section to the left of Jochpass chair - take run 11, and then continue to the right - mostly safe with just the obvious hazards. Cut back left to make Jochpass Chair

St Anton / Ski Arlberg

Arlberg Ski area (St. Anton, Lech, etc.)
Definitely worth trying the Weisse Ring - accessible from from Zurs by car, or now by skiing from St Christoph - head up to Seekopf, then over to Madloch-joch, down to Zug, up to Oberlech, down to Lech, up to Ruefikopf, the back to Zurs via Schuettboder and Hexenboden. At quickest this route can be done in about 2 hours, pressing on.

Favourite bar still Rodel-Alm under the Nasserein lift. Sonnegg bar at the bottom of Nasserein still the go-to for a cup of tea and to meet up in the morning, plus at the end of the day for Apres

Things to do:

  • Good snow and some off-piste in Albona. Keep skiers right off the top of #107 and loop back to the 2-man chair.
  • Nice cruising and some skiroute/off-piste above Lech under Rotschrofen and Hasensprung
  • Skiroute #203 above Lech, under Kreigerhorn conditions permitting
  • Rodel-Alm under Nasserein for a sun-downer
  • Rud-Alpe in Lech - worth getting there early or booking.

St. Anton.
Good lunches in St. Anton at Sonnen, right underneath Nasserein bubble car.
Run #37 seemed to be well protected from the prevailing winds, and snow conditions can be quite good as loose powder gets blown there.

St. Christoph.
Good (free) parking in the car park just next to the tunnel heading south out of the village centre. Don’t forget to get back in time to catch the button lift to get back to the car-park saving a walk.

SonnenKopf (Kloesterle)
Probably the best resort after a big dump of powder - a good top bowl that’s mostly safe to ski and not too many crowds. Check the snow depth though - doesn’t always get snow when the main St. Anton area does.

The Skitour routes are pretty good - a bit less tracked out than the pistes, and a bit more shaded from the sun.
In fresh powder try the area to the left of Hasensprung - lots of good runs with just the obvious hazards. Also try the areas off to the left of 35a off lift Steinmaehder- two of these areas, the first cut right just past the rocks on the steep section near the top. The second, cut right behind the sign after the short walk up the hill on-piste.
Also the ski-route #44 where it drops off the back of the Zugerburg lift is excellent, but very steep - wouldn’t want to do this in anything other than good conditions, certainly no ice.

In good conditions powder can be found underneath Madloch chair on the way to Zug, a slight walk in the middle, but well worth it. Come left off the lift, and ski the short, steep face that you can see on the way up. To the right of the lift there is a skiable area, but the entrance requires good snow - there’s a traverse over a rocky face to get there. After the walk up you can cut skiers left immediately and ski the short, very steep section, but definitely keep skiers left off the piste for the last run to the lift - it’s all skiable in good conditions

La Plagne

Lots of cruising slopes for on-piste skiing in less good snow conditions. Found some good snow to the right of Mercedes (black run from the top of Les Verdons), and surprisingly good snow (albeit a bit slushy) down to La Roche.

In good snow head over to the Champagny side and try the off-piste section to the left of Verdons Sud. Alternatively go to the top of Roche de Mio and try the bowl to the right, around Mio.

For a bit of fun try the gully section underneath Colorado - not for gumbies.

Les Arcs

In less good snow conditions try "Mont Blanc" - generally snow conditions here better and a great blasting run. Also have found good snow coming down Grand Renard to Renard to Ours (off Col de la Chal).

In good snow then the trees and general area under Arpette and Vagere24 are good fun - only the obvious hazards to avoid. Also head to Muguet and Comborciere and Lanches, but check out how big (and frozen) the moguls are before attempting these - they can get a bit marginal in spring conditions.