Skiing Flims - January Car covered in snow in carpark

With some heavy snow falling during the week, and more on the way, I headed down to Flims to try to get in a full weekend on the slopes.

I decided to rent some powder skis, which was zero hassle after a useful conversation with the guy in the shop at Flims dorf , and suitably kitted up headed on up the slopes. I started with a run down Stretch (it's traditional), including playing the in areas off to the sides of the main run. I felt I got the hang of the skis fairly quickly - they floated much better in the deep snow than my slalom skis, and were even surprisingly good en-piste, the only difference being that they take a bit longer to roll edge to edge.

Suitably warmed up, I met up with Jay & Izzy and we did some cracking runs down the  some great runs under Mutta-Rodunda between route #73 and #16 in lovely conditions. After a morning of playing in all the powder we could find, we stopped for a good lunch at Plaun - an excellent soup and a tartar ciabatta. In the afternoon we did managed an interesting run unAfternoon run down #83, but declined the route through the trees (not that confident on the new skis yet), and finished up playing in the powder above, around and down Stretch a couple of times.

Thoroughly exhausted but happy we retired to the Arena hotel for beers, and to await Jules' arrival. We went for dinner in Bellevue, which was OK, but frankly a bit late in the evening and a bit heavy - with hindsight a bowl of pasta or a pizza at 6pm would have been better than a mediocre steak at 9pm...

We stayed at the Hotel Cresta, just making it back before the doors locked, having tactically left the room key inside. After a good nights sleep and generous breakfast, I headed back to the slopes whilst Jules made full use of the spa.

Unforutnately after the heavy snowfall over night, the only lift open was Foppa, which broke down shortly after I bought my ticket (but fortunately before I got on) and was stationary for 30 minutes. However, once we were up and running again we had a good time doing loops of #4 & #10 (even Narus was closed) with Jay & Izzy and Mazda & Family. I was feeling my legs a bit, so cut the day short and headed off back to town in daylight tired but happy.